Software Upgrade April 2023

Acme Continental CU will be undergoing a major software upgrade on April 1, 2023.  This upgrade involves moving to a more modern core processing system as well as an upgraded online banking, a new branded mobile app and more. 

While most of the conversion will be happening behind the scenes, there will be times where it will affect some of the services you may use.   Below you’ll find FAQs regarding what will affect our members. 


Our branches will be open regular hours  March 31, 2023.  Our conversion will be happening over the weekend, when our offices are typically closed. We will open as usual on Monday, 4/3/2023.

Online Banking, Audio Teller and Bill Pay
Online banking, Audio Teller and Bill Pay will not be available starting at 4 PM CST on Friday,  3/31/2023
All online banking transaction history will NOT be carried over to the new system.  Please download and print out any history needed. 
Online Banking, Audio Teller and Bill Pay will be back up Monday, 4/3/2023.   

Mobile Banking
The current Touch Banking App will NOT be available starting  Wed 3/29/2023.  A new branded app will be coming in the late Spring

All members will receive a paper statements for March and April 2023  Previous E-statements WILL NOT be available after 4/1/23

Debit Cards and Credit Cards
 Debit Cards will be available at reduced daily spending limits. Offline daily limits are $505 for debit network and $1000 for credit network.  Complete functionality will be restored on Monday, 4/3/2023
  Credit Cards will NOT be affected by this conversion

  Save March and April paper statements for your records to verify transactions
  Carefully review your March statement and notify us of any changes
  **Get cash ahead of time**

What is a core processing system?
  Processing of deposits and withdrawals~  Maintaining account information  ~ Opening and managing accounts
Will Acme CU’s routing number change?
  No, the routing number will remain the same
Will my account number change?
  No, members will retain their same account numbers
Will my information and funds be secure during the conversion process?
   YES! Keeping your information secure is our top priority.  Your funds are secure, as always, and fully insured by the NCUA for up to $250,000 per individual
Will I have access to my funds during the conversion?
  Debit cards will still be available at a reduced daily limts through the upgrade period
  Shared Banking will not be available after 6 PM Friday, 3/31/2023 – Sunday, 4/2/2023
  Credit cards will not be affected during the conversion
Will any of my direct deposits, payroll deductions of automatic payments be affected?
  Any direct deposit, social security or ACH deposits will continue. They will convert to the new system
  Any automatic payment (ACH origination) we have set up on your behalf, will continue as usual
Is the credit union merging with someone else?
  No, Acme Continental CU is not merging.  This is simply a core system upgrade
Will I need new checks or Debit Card?
  No, both will transfer to the new system