Savings & Club

Share Savings

Participating in our Regular Share/Savings Account is required to establish membership.  The account pays monthly dividends (interest) on accounts over $100 and members receive quarterly statements of activity. A $10 minimum balance is required. 

Money Market

A low balance requirement of $2,000.00 will let you have the flexibility of a share account with the advantage of higher interest rates. Minimum withdrawal requirements apply. Please speak with one of our financial member service representatives for more details.

Club Accounts

Christmas Club –  A Christmas Club account will start your holidays off on the right foot by saving during the year. It is a 50 week program that matures in mid-October, just in time to start your holiday shopping. Dividends begin accruing once the $100 minimum balance requirement is met and are paid at maturity.

Vacation Club –  Acme can help make your vacation dreams a reality with our  Vacation Club account.  Decide how much you want to save each pay period and whether you want to join the Summer Vacation Club, which pays out in May, or the Winter version, which will disburse funds in December. You can also make your own deposits whenever you’d like! Your savings will accumulate and earn dividends until time for disbursal, when you’ll get your money in a lump sum.

Request a signature card to open your new Vacation Club, call us at (708) 849-3113 or email us and we’ll mail it out ASAP!

Acme Kids Klub – Sign up for an Acme Kids Klub savings account at either Acme branch location.   Acme Kids Klub is open to all kids under the age of 18. After 18 years of age, Kids Klub savings account converts to current regular share account and applicable percentage rate. Maximum balance is $18,000.  Help kids learn to save!

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