Welcome to Acme Continental Credit Union  

Back 2 School Loan Special back to school with pencil banner

Offer ends Sept. 30, 2019
Borrow up to $1,500.00 

Rate is 15.00%

 NO credit check (unless first time borrower)

  • $25.00 application fee up front before processing loan
  • 2 current paystubs or other proof of income before processing loan
  • Direct Deposit being received in account prior to application
  • No payment until October 2019
  • Life and Disability insurance is optional
  • Applications available  click here
  • or apply online here


Any Day Tickets:  $51.00 per person   (available in Riverdale office)

Meal tickets: $15.00   (available in Riverdale office)

Hurricane Harbor is additional fee payable at gate

Popmoney® Pay Other People
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Set up one time payment or recurring payments   
Open to  Acme CU Online Bill Pay users