Checking & Debit Cards

Free Share Draft Accounts

Leave the hassles of a regular checking account. Our Share Draft account is a checking account which has NO monthly fees, NO fee per check and NO minimum balance.

Overdraft protection allows qualified account holders to draw their account up to $300 negative with 30 days to repay. There is a $25.00 fee per occurrence. Three automatic overdrafts from your available balance in your Share/Savings are permitted monthly and monthly statements detail account activity.

New Federal Regulation DD’s final ruling states that balances provided through an automated system (ATM’s, Online Banking, Audio Response, etc.) provide a balance that does NOT include Overdraft Advance funds! This does not mean the funds are not there. If you have OD Advance on your draft account, it will remain there as long as your accounts remain in good standing.


Debit/Check Cards

Our Visa Check Card, which is connected to your checking account allows both “debit” and “credit” transactions. This allows you to receive cash back on transactions and process PIN based debit transactions, so ACME members can use their Visa Check Card at stores that accept only “debit” transactions.

With an ACME Continental Credit Union Visa:

  • You can pay for purchases from your checking account at many stores throughout the country – there are no check writing hassles
  • There are no point-of-sale fees
  • No credit card costs

Customize your own PIN number by calling 800-567-3451